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Case Studies

Superior Essex
6120 Powers Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30339-2101


Even if you've never heard their name before, chances are, you've used their products. The SUPERIOR ESSEX is one of the largest manufacturers of wire and cable products in North America, with a product portfolio that includes fiber-optic cables, copper telephone cable, data communications cables and magnet wire for electromagnetic motors and generators. The Companyís products are used by telephone companies, distributors, system integrators, and motor manufacturers, including six of the top eight telecommunications providers and four of the top five electro-motor manufacturers in North America.

With a history of over 50 years experience in the wire and cable industry the Company has enjoyed a reputation as an innovator and leader to its customer base. SUPERIOR ESSEX has annual revenues exceeding $1B, operates 17 manufacturing facilities worldwide and employs over 2500 persons, primarily in the United States. As a market leader, Superior Essex had outgrown their existing fixed asset system and turned to Bassets for simplified, yet powerful depreciation software. To accommodate multiple plants in the USA, Superior Essex needed a flexible fixed asset solution. Bassets utilized Citrix servers and remote login using the Security Module to limit each plantís access to only their assets. The corporate headquarters can then generate consolidated reports and easily integrate with their general ledger system.


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