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Case Studies

Micro Electronics
4119 Leap Rd.
Hilliard, OH 43026


Micro Electronics is the parent of several technologically gifted children: its divisions. The company's nearly 20 Micro Center computer retail stores, which average 45,000 sq. ft., feature about 36,000 products organized in more than a dozen specialized departments. Micro Center is the largest of Micro Electronics' divisions and operates in 13 states. Micro Electronics sells its own brands of notebook and desktop computers under the WinBook and PowerSpec names. Micro Center Online is the company's online and phone order operation.

When Micro Electronics decided to switch to the Bassets Fixed Asset System from a competitive product, they got more than they bargained for. They selected Bassets based on the accuracy of their depreciation calculations with a 445 calendar. In addition, they wanted a CIP (Construction in Progress) module to track their invoice activity. Surprisingly, the most benefit may have come from what proved to be a difficult data conversion. Mismatching of property type and depreciation method/first year convention/recovery periods in the old system tested the Bassets technical staff, but now Micro Electronics is getting the correct monthly depreciation calculations.


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