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Case Studies

Barnes & Noble College Bookstores
120 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003


Bookselling is Barnes & Noble's primary business and has been since 1873. As the premier university bookstore company, they are deeply committed to supporting the academic mission of the colleges and universities they serve. As the largest buyer and seller of collegiate clothing, emblematic merchandise, and school supplies in the college market, their staff is always attuned to the latest fashion trends and product developments.

Serving nearly 500 locations, Barnes & Noble College Bookstores has to track the activity at each location. Bassets solved their complex reporting requirements with the power and flexibility of their built in report options. The ability to filter a set of assets and then dynamically sort and subtotal multiple levels meets their varied needs. As part of the world’s largest book selling organization, Barnes & Noble College Bookstores needed a robust solution and Bassets delivered.


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