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Case Studies

FPIC Insurance Group, Inc.
225 Water Street
Suite 1400
Jacksonville, FL 32202-5147


FPIC Insurance Group, Inc., through its subsidiary companies, is a leading provider of professional liability insurance for physicians, dentists, other healthcare providers and attorneys, primarily in Florida and Missouri. The Company also provides management and administration services to Physicians' Reciprocal Insurers, a New York medical professional liability insurance reciprocal, and third-party administration services both within and outside the healthcare industry.

As a leading provider of professional liability insurance, FPIC knows a lot about risk. They did not want to take any chances with their fixed asset needs, so they turned to Bassets. The Bassets Fixed Asset System provides FPIC with a robust security feature that allows them to restrict users’ access. FPIC is also extremely happy with the Bassets technical support and how they listen to a problem and then explain the solution in easy non-technical steps.


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