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Case Studies

Anderson Chemical Company
P.O. Box 1041
Litchfield, MN 55355-1041


Anderson Chemical Company was started in 1910 and until the mid 1950's the company's market focus was primarily food processing. In 1961 the company introduced bulk tanker shipments to the food processing markets. This innovative distribution system resulted in substantial savings to the industry and made the company a leader in this area of service. The company has grown in size and scope, now covering the central United States in food processing and slowly achieving national coverage. With the ever-increasing challenges of change in all markets, Anderson is preparing for and is acting to meet those challenges with superior personnel, systems and products.

An innovator like Anderson Chemical went looking for an equally innovative fixed asset solution and found their match in The Bassets Fixed Asset System. They are able to run Bassets on Apple computers with a Windows emulator. They also make frequent use of stored filters to quickly produce the required reports. As they continue to grow, Bassets grows with them.

“The Bassets software is so easy to use and support is excellent”, said Terry Anderson President


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