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Case Studies

Large Northwest Sports Retailer


Trying to stay ahead of the curve on the fashion trends of young adults (12 – 24 year olds) is a challenge for sure. Based in the northwest US, a major action sports retailer is continually expanding its number of retail stores across the country while also growing an internet business revolving around their customers. This retailer relies on accurate fixed asset tracking and depreciation calculations so they sought a partner that shared their passion for customer support. When it was time to replace their older fixed asset software the project manager looked at all the leading solutions and selected Bassets eDepreciation. “Sure, there are bigger software companies out there with capable products” according to Jasmine Perez, “but I always felt that from the start that Bassets genuinely cared about what my team needed from the product. The ability of our vendor to listen and respond were key differentiators when it came to decision time because I knew this was going to be a long-term relationship. Two years later I am very satisfied with our decision.”

Jasmine Perez, accountant for leading action sports retailer


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