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Optional Modules

While the Bassets Fixed Asset System is a complete fixed asset solution, several optional modules are available to complement our core package. These modules provide additional functionality to:

Exchange data with other software packages:
A/P Import user defined import of invoice detail from Accounts Payable
G/L Interface user defined export to corporate General Ledger System
Barcode Interface import of data from any barcode scanner
Track supporting detail:
Construction in Progress maintain invoice detail and consolidate to assets
Lease Asset Tracker maintain lease information for any leased assets
State Tax Reporting easily comply with the unique depreciation requirements of every state
Asset Budgeting track detailed depreciation amounts against projected budget values

coming soon

Provide alternate calculations:
Foreign Currency display reports in either reporting or functional currency
Expense Allocation spread depreciation expense to various company entities
Units of Production depreciate assets based on their production
Are you using a non-standard calendar, 4-4-5 or 13 Periods?

Custom Calendars

Allows for custom calendars to match your current corporate month ends

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