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The Bassets eDepreciation Fixed Asset Software offers over 20 standard reports that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Powerful Sort and Selection capabilities exist to obtain critical information.

Reports YOUR way:

  • Generate fixed asset reports for historical, current and future accounting periods
  • Calculate fixed asset depreciation on the fly
  • Multiple level sort with subtotals
  • Plain English query wizard to create unlimited filters
  • Ability to export fixed asset reports directly to Excel and other file types
  • On screen print preview
  • Detail and summary options
  • Print a selected range of pages




Standard reports include:

  • Asset Acquisition
  • Asset Disposal
  • Fixed Asset Inventory
  • Transferred Asset Report
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation Detail
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation Summary
  • Net Asset Value
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation Expense Journal Entry
  • Disposal – Gain/Loss
  • Adjusted Current Earnings (ACE)
  • 12 Month View of Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • 5 Year Fixed Asset Depreciation Projection Schedule


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