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Manage your business assets, control your costs, maximize tax savings and meet all your reporting requirements. Bassets eDepreciation, our on-premises solution, is available in four different versions: eDepreciation Compact Edition, eDepreciation WorkGroup, eDepreciation Standard and eDepreciation Enterprise. The core functionality is consistent throughout each version with the key difference being the number of assets supported. All versions operate with the Microsoft SQL database as their engine.

Compact Edition (CE)

eDepreciation CE is an excellent entry level fixed asset system. It offers the same features found in the full featured versions, but is limited to only 1,000 asset records. If your company has a small number of assets but you still require a full featured product  then eDepreciation CE is your best


For larger organizations handling up to 10,000 fixed assets, Bassets eDepreciation WorkGroup is the right choice. This is a full featured version of Bassets eDepreciation that will have you working more productively. The full complement of Optional Modules are available to extend and/or enhance the functionality of eDepreciation. Comes with two user licenses.


Even larger organizations can use the eDepreciation Standard product to handle up to 100,000 assets. Microsoft’s SQL database easily handles the number crunching and report sorting of larger databases.  You will have the benefit of increased performance while using the eDepreciation product and its suite of Optional Modules. The Standard versions ships with three user licenses.

Enterprise Edition

eDepreciation Enterprise takes your best shot and outperforms its competition. Supporting an unlimited number of fixed asset records, eDepreciation Enterprise assures that you will never outgrow the software application. Mix and match from the Optional Modules to tailor a solution to your specific needs. Four user licenses ship with this product..

The Bassets eDepreciation Fixed Asset System allows you to simplify your fixed asset management. Bassets eDepreciation is scalable from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of fixed asset records. 

The Bassets Fixed Asset System highlights include:
Flexible data conversion from fixed asset spreadsheets and other commercial fixed asset management software packages. 
Intelligent fixed asset data entry with automatic validation of fixed asset depreciation schedule information.
Ability to dynamically calculate fixed asset depreciation “on-the-fly” for historical, present and future periods.
Over 20 standard reports (each one is sortable and / or filterable) and eDepreciation also supports SQL Report writing for     customizable reports.
Easily interface fixed asset data with General Ledger Accounting software with our powerful depreciation export.

A choice of three “landing pages” when entering the application, improving your productivity.

Depre123, Our New Web Solution

Bassets is proud to announce our newest product, Depre123, a cloud-based depreciation product. Having access to your fixed asset data from any web enabled device gives clients a secure, subscription based alternative to our on-premises product, eDepreciation. Click here to learn more about this exciting new product.

You can also watch a brief video of Depre123 here.


Because we want our clients to be completely satisfied with the Bassets eDepreciation Fixed Asset System, we provide customer support from planning and installation through training and implementation.

Our customer support department is staffed by a team of depreciation software and accounting professionals, trained to provide whatever technical support that may be required.

Speak to one of our customers
and they will talk about two things:

  • How easy it is to use The Bassets eDepreciation
    Fixed Asset System.
  • How good the technical support is.

Bassets eDepreciation calculates monthly depreciation for the entire life of an asset.

Our fixed asset software displays:

  • Prior Accumulated Depreciation
  • Current Period(s) Depreciation
  • Total Accumulated Depreciation
  • Net Book Balance

Both the Asset Maintenance Form and all standard depreciation reports will dynamically calculate depreciation “on-the-fly” to allow historical, present and future projection of depreciation values for a range of periods.

Our fixed asset software supports the following depreciation:
  • Fully supports International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System
  • Alternate Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System
  • Accelerated Cost Recovery System
  • Alternate Accelerated Cost Recovery System
  • Remainder Life Depreciation
  • Straight Line Depreciation
  • Declining Balance Depreciation - 125%
  • Declining Balance Depreciation - 150%
  • Declining Balance Depreciation - 175%
  • Declining Balance Depreciation - 200%
  • Sum of the Years Digit Depreciation

To accurately calculate the correct depreciation amounts, Bassets eDepreciation supports Real, Personal and Luxury Automobile property types. In conjunction with the depreciation methods, all standard first year conventions and recovery periods are available. Additionally bonus deprecation can be selected for the years 2001 – 2005 and in accordance with the Economic Stimulus Packages of 2009 and 2011.

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