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Annual Maintenance

Annual Software Maintenance covers three standard items, plus assistance with setting up The Bassets Fixed Asset System. The three (3) standard items are:

Unlimited Telephone Support
  When a customer has a question and/or a problem, they are encouraged to contact the Technical Support Team at Decision Support Technology between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Eastern Time for assistance.

Bug Fixes
  Should a customer discover a function within The Bassets Fixed Asset System that does not operate properly, the Technical Support Team at Decision Support Technology will correct the malfunction and ship an update to the customer.

Annual Software Update
  Each year during the month of January, Decision Support Technology will ship to the customer the Annual Software Update. The Annual Software Update includes the latest federal tax law changes as it relates to depreciation, as well as, the latest release of The Bassets Fixed Asset System.


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