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Data Conversion

The Bassets Import Module will:

Easily Import Your Existing Fixed Asset Data

  • All selected fixed asset records will be imported from either Excel, ASCII text files or other fixed asset software programs

Preview Fixed Assets Information

  • On screen preview displays the existing fixed asset data in a simple spreadsheet like grid to assist in the field mapping

Customize Mapping of Each Field

  • User defined import map allows each field in the source fixed asset data to be directed to the corresponding Bassets field
  • Preview user selected sample fixed asset data for each field

Pre-process for Errors

  • Verify the accuracy of all depreciation methods, first year conventions and recovery periods based upon the property type and acquisition date
  • Check each fixed asset record against the defined field lengths

Process the Import

  • Calculates fixed asset depreciation to tie out with existing total accumulated depreciaion
  • Import only the required depreciation schedules
  • Automatically build drop down or pick lists for any Master List fields

Our new customers have two choices when it comes to the conversion of their existing data to The Bassets Fixed Asset Software:

1. The technical support personnel at Bassets will take your existing fixed asset data and convert it to Bassets for a fee. The conversion process will take five to seven business days to complete.

2. As part of annual software maintenance, the technical support personnel at Bassets will assist the customer with the conversion of their existing fixed asset data to the Bassets Fixed Asset Software. No additional fee is charged since all of the preparation work will be done by the customer with the guidance of the technical support personnel at Bassets.

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