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Three Compelling Reasons
to Attend a Bassets Webinar

The 9 Lives Advantage for Best-of-Breed Fixed Asset Software

Save yourself a huge amount of time evaluating software and let us do the work for you. This white paper shows how 15 minutes on the web watching a guided demonstration can answer many of your questions. If you are in the early stages of your evaluation and just want to take a look, a no obligation informative webinar is a real time saver.

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Find out why a “Best-of-Breed” software solution for fixed assets makes sense for your organization. Learn what others have discovered when they compare ERP fixed asset products with stand-alone software.

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4 Steps to Selecting a Fixed Asset
Management & Depreciation Solution

Calculate ROI to Gain
Approval for Accounting Software

This document will help you overcome the challenges of fixed asset management and depreciation software evaluation. Select the right package for your organization based on the unique needs of your company.

Simply follow these 4 steps:

Define Your Requirements
Measure Potential Solutions
Test Drive Product Demos
Compare & Analyze Your Results to Make a Decision

Also included is a chart for comparing the features of each fixed asset management & depreciation software package.

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This document will help you gain approval for a fixed asset management and depreciation software purchase. With a little work, you can present a solid business case to justify the cost by calculating Return on Investment (ROI).

Major points of this document are:

Performing a Need Assessment
Establish Benchmarks
Define Technology, Operational & Economic Value
Presenting Your Findings

Also included are sample formulas and a calculation worksheet.

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A Hole in Your SOX Compliance

A Guide to
Basic Depreciation Calculation

While most corporations believe that their SOX Compliance Issues are behind them. A great many of those companies are finding upon more in depth analysis that their fixed asset depreciation software or spreadsheet is a hole in their SOX Compliance.

There are many internal controls that are required for a fixed asset depreciation process to be SOX Compliant. A fixed asset depreciation software or spreadsheet should at least provide the ability to:

Validate that the complex combinations of depreciation methods, conventions and recovery periods are entered correctly.
Accurately represent that the assets on the books actually exist with an annual physical inventory.
Provide Comprehensive application data security.
Generate an audit trail that tracks ALL data changes


This guide has been developed to help with the complex task of depreciating assets. Each of the key components (Property Type, Service Date, Useful Life, Cost Basis, Depreciation Methods and First Year Conventions) are explained with a comprehensive example calculation.

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